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Cleveland Air Duct Cleaning!

Air Duct#1 started out in 1996 Parma Air Duct Cleaning inc. with co partner Parma Heating & Cooling. 1996 thru 2008 our company has established many working relationships with many well established and trusted heating & cooling companies who needed a duct cleaning provider. In 2009 our company name has changed but we still offer the same great quality and service. Only the best methods, equipment and knowledge will be used when cleaning your system. Air Duct #1 should be your 1st choice when choosing a Cleaning provider.

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Cleveland Ohio Air Duct Systems

Cleveland HVAC systems in Ohio can be very dirty, this has a lot to due with the age of many homes and the fact that many home owners feel the need to clean their system is un necessary. Since Cleaning HVAC duct systems is still a relatively new service, and has only begun to get more popular as growing health concerns and modern technologies emerged. Many Cleveland residents have become more aware of the health issues associated with a dirty systems.

Many older homes in can really can benefit from cleaning their system properly, These systems can contain many forms of bacteria that accumulate over many years. That’s why when you first run your HVAC system / furnace the start of every new cold season many people in fact get the same cold and get sick. You can be breathing the same dirty partials over and over each year and not be aware your system is dirty.

Many Ohioans have replaced and updated to new filter technologies. But without having the system cleaned prior to replacing or updating the filter system cannot solve the problem. The big misconception is, there is no way for even the most advanced filter system to clean what is already on the discharge side of your system? A illustration below will explain this.

Purchase a good filter for your Air Duct system

If you recently updated your filter system or have started using the pleated type filter technology without having your system cleaned, we can guarantee that the discharge side is dirty and should be cleaned to fully benefit from these new technologies and filters on the market.

Choosing your Air Duct Cleaning provider should be taken with care, there are many fly by nights in this business you who will pretend to clean your HVAC system but in fact can make the problem even worse.


Sanitizer, and is it a scam?

Sanitization, many think wow they will sanitize my HVAC system for free. The fact is that if a company does not remove all the dust and partials then it will do no good. Not to say every company is bogus there are a few who do the work properly and can be very honest. But many companies who do not have the knowledge or equipment to clean a system properly will in fact promote sanitizer to you or give it away free as long as you choose them. For the reason that if they cannot clean your HVAC system properly and remove all the dust, After finished they wet the system down so everything they missed will stick in the system. I as the owner for many years have seen this done over and over and I challenge anyone in this business to prove me wrong.


Cleveland Air Duct Cleaning and Sanitizer, on a good note!

On the good side, sanitizer can only benefit if all partials and debris are removed from your system.

We take great pride in our cleaning knowledge and experience. Many residents have valued our honesty and strait facts. We have solved many air duct cleaning dust problems and after our cleaning, we guarantee the discharge side of your system can stay clean for a period up to 5 to 10 years. Provided you follow are recommendations.