Air Duct Cleaning

Cleveland Air Duct Cleaning

When choosing a Cleveland Air Duct Cleaning Company always ask questions! If your questions go unanswered or pricing has changed once the company enters your home, be cautious! Air duct cleaning companies who usually charge by the number of vents is a red sign saying that the company is shady. Charging correctly for air duct cleaning consist of, home layout, Heating and cooling placement, Square footage and other various aspect you can read more about in this website. Never hire an air duct cleaning company who charges solely by the number of vents you have in your home.

For example: a typical ranch with 3 bedrooms that is less than 1500 sq. feet should NEVER cost more than $300.00 dollars if one furnace is present, If pricing exceeds this amount they need to justify it or you need to call a different duct cleaning company! Just make sure if you do call someone else that they have proper truck mounted equipment and experience to perform the job accurately. Duct Sanitizer is also one of the biggest scams in this business, If they try to sell it over the phone, better rethink who you are talking to. Sanitizer is only plays a small benefit if the system was cleaned properly to begin with.


What is Air Duct Cleaning

Air duct cleaning is the process in which high powered specialized duct cleaning equipment consisting of high velocity negative air vacuums is used to remove debris and contaminates in a HVAC Duct system. HVAC stand for “Heating Ventilating and Air Conditioning” Duct Cleaning Companies like Air Duct #1 use only the best brushing techniques and air compression equipment available to ensure your system is clean the best it can be.