Cleveland Air Duct Cleaning

Cleveland Air Duct Cleaning Process

Your HVAC should be cleaned on average every 3 to 5 years This depends on system usage and number of occupants in the dwelling. Having your Furnace & Air Conditioner serviced once a year can prolong the life of your equipment and save you money on operating costs!

We recommended having your Cleveland Heating & Cooling system serviced cleaned and checked either before having your Air Duct system Cleaned or having us perform the work for you.




Serving Cleveland Since 1996 – Air Duct #1 uses multiple step cleaning techniques to ensure all vents, air returns and main air supplies are cleaned to a superior level.


We use high powered Brushes along with multiple high powered compression whips. combined with our many years of experience and knowledge we leave no Air Duct system un-clean!


Every preventative measure will be used, No dust will get into your home.



Understanding Our Cleveland Air Duct Cleaing Cleaning Process


We Pre Clean and seal all vents and registers.
This first step includes setting all equipment, removing all registers, pre vacuuming all registers which contain debris in the face and sealing them so no air leakage can occur once initial cleaning starts.


Preparing the furnace mains / Air handling area.
Depending on the type of system you have, this step includes creating access in the main air return and main air supply for our truck mount vacuum hose to connect.


Shielding your heat exchanger and evaporator coils.
Before any cleaning begins this step ensures all necessary precautions were taken to make sure your furnace and air conditioning will be sealed off from the rest of duct system.

Both sides of your system, return air and supply air will be cleaned independently a barricaded is temporally created between both sides of your system to ensure this.


Cleaning your system with Proper brushing techniques
We brush every part of your Air duct system at a high RPM while our truck mount negative air machine suctions the dirt out from the main supply. Proper brushing techniques ensure all dust and debris is broken loose from your system.


High powered air compression
High powered compression will be used to force any remaining dust or debris out after brushing was applied. Truck mount unit continues to run, this is to ensure no dust or debris was missed after initial brushing of a system.


Furnace and Evaporator Coil Cleaning
After all cleaning is finished and if agreed upon with customer we will continue to clean your furnace. This includes blower housing removal and cleaning, Cleaning all furnace components including heat exchanger and burner removal cleaning and adjustment.


Air Conditioning evaporator cleaning
This includes cleaning the evaporator coils, inspecting and cleaning the drainage system and removing any restriction from within it.


Cleaning your Outdoor air conditioning unit
We also can clean your outdoor condensing unit coils to ensure proper air flow, older systems which have been outdoors for many can become very dirty, If you condensing coil has air flow restrictions it can cause an increase in operating costs and well as cause over heating which can lead to compressor failure. An clean outdoor unit will certainly extend the life of your air conditioning unit.


Condensing unit cleaning continued…
How do we clean it, we carefully disassemble the unit panels fan unit and pressure wash the entire condensing coil from inside and out. We also clean underneath the pad and make sure the there are no outdoor conditions surround the unit to prevent proper outdoor air flow.

Before Air Duct Cleaning

After Air Duct Cleaing

Air Duct Cleaning Brush

Air Duct Cleaing Air Compression Tool

Truck Mount Air Duct Cleaing Unit

Cleveland Air Duct Cleaning

Our Cleveland Air Duct Cleaning process can vary slightly because Cleveland and its surrounding suburbs have so many different kinds of homes and layouts, compared to other states. We clean each system with care very meticulously and leave no area un touched by our brushes.


Homes in different geographical areas

We have found that the area of Cleveland or suburb you live can play a significant role in the type of dust and amount found in any particular Air Duct System. Feel free to contact us to discuss your free quote, our procedure and any other questions or concerns you may have!


A proper Air Duct Cleaning

A proper Cleveland Air Duct Cleaning can consists of many different cleaning techniques to ensure your Air Duct system is cleaned properly. Air Duct Cleaning companies should have verifiable HVAC Experience Air Duct cleaning technicians should always possess a vast knowledge of every aspect of the Heating & cooling field! Professional companies will have high powered brushing capability, along with multiple air whips & compression tools at their disposal.

Always ask questions when choosing an Air Duct Cleaning provider When choosing an Air Duct Cleaning Company never be afraid to ask questions! If your questions are unanswered or the pricing has changed dramatically when they are in your home stop and always refer to back to your Heating & Cooling professional.


$$$ Cleveland Air Duct Cleaning Costs $$$

Don’t be fooled by bait and switch companies who try to charge solely per vent. Professional companies will be able to charge accordingly right over the phone by asking a series of simple questions. Square footage of your home? Type of home? Number of bedrooms & baths? Basement or slab? Furnace location and age? Air Conditioning yes or no? City location? Cold air returns placement and locations? Supply vent placement and locations?

We do not charge by how many vents you have, we consider ourselves experts in the Cleveland Air Duct Cleaning field and we are second to none when it comes to quality and fair pricing.


Roto portable brush machines are complete joke. STAY AWAY!

These types of machines are nothing more than a shop vacuum with a brush that rotates attached! Do yourself a favor and stay away from any company using portable rotating brush vacuums or similar improper portable Air Duct Cleaning equipment! Most fly by night companies use these amateur inexpensive tools. These types of equipment will not even clean a dryer vent properly, so how can it clean an entire air duct system?

However, Portable negative air machines, can be used to ensure a proper cleaning if the correct zoning techniques are applied.

Air Duct #1 does use portable equipment!


Our Professional Cleveland Air Duct cleaning tools and equipment

High powered negative air, truck or van mount unit. High powered brushing snakes / whips. High powered air compression tools. The most important factor is honesty and having many years of real HVAC experience.


HVAC Knowledge & Experience is important

Air Duct cleaning technicians should always possess a vast knowledge of every aspect of the Heating & cooling field! Professional companies will have high powered brushing capability, along with multiple air whips & compression tools at their disposal.

When choosing a Cleveland Air Duct Cleaning Company never shy away from asking questions! If your questions are unanswered or their pricing has changed dramatically when they are in your home, stop and always refer to back to your Heating & Cooling Professional.